A Selfie Obsessed Generation |Cotton Bag Co. Collaboration

“Selfie?” “Selfie.”

Today’s society love a good selfie. We’re always snapping away to show off who we’re with, where we are, our new hair cut, new lipstick, new clothes, you name it… it calls for a selfie. But selfies also call for the awful lighting and awful ‘double chin’ angles. Cotton Bag Co. have kitted out a perfect resolution – HALLELUJAH!

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A Token Of Appreciation |Prestige Flowers Collaboration

There’s always them people who go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy, make sure you’re cared for, have everything you need and continually support you. Whether they’re a parent, sibling, grandparent, significant other or a friend, there’s nothing sweeter than showing how much you appreciate them in return. But how?

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Understanding Different Meanings of Success

This is a collaborative post by Diego Segura and Katie Lauren. What’s written below was written and collaborated on by both of us. You can find Diego and I’s afterthoughts at the bottom of the article.

There’s no one meaning for success—success is what you want it to be.

This goes for any concept: happiness, sadness, loneliness, fulfillment. None of these feelings can be measured accurately with one Likert scale across the globe, it can only be measured within the extent of our internal right hemisphere to our left hemisphere.

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How to manage the unmanageable: work and fun | Old English Co. Collaboration

Being young is all fun until you’re managing adult responsibilities and a teenager social life. “Make the most of your teen years while you’re still young”. It’s easy to have a fun life, but when you want to earn money and be successful, you have to find the perfect balance.

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Things You Learn In The First Year Of Being A New Driver

Leaving the test centre with a pass certificate is super exciting, texting and phoning all your family and friends to tell them the news, imagining all the road-trips and planning your first McDonald’s drive thru. Fast-forward a year later and you’ll have a whole new perception towards driving.

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