Mastering Amsterdam in UNDER TEN Hours

Amsterdam… the city of beautiful canals, windmills and narrow houses. Being one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe, the streets are flooded with tourists and Instagram is flooded with selfies on bridges. A huge positive for a trip to Amsterdam is the cheap travel, with flights being less than £45 off-peak return, and the new Eurostar route being less than £80 off-peak return. But when it comes to hotels, you’re lucky to get a central hotel for less than £400 for 5 nights, which is extremely off putting!

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Flight Bag Essentials and Flight Realities

It’s finally that time of year… SUMMER HOLIDAYS! Nothing more love and hate than packing to jet off somewhere. As tedious as planning and ironing outfits is; ultimately the excitement over being somewhere different, sipping on cocktails by the beach 24/7 or on your feet exploring amazing monuments in the city that never sleeps outweighs everything.

Here’s some of my in-flight essentials whether it be a long or short haul flight…

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Personalised Wall Prints… The Reasons Behind Them

Google + Photoshop + IKEA photo frames = Super adorable, personalised wall prints!

I’ve always wanted to get my hands on some cute wall prints, but since i’m the most indecisive person ever I struggle deciding which ones to get. To avoid the stress of deciding I challenged myself to create my own wall prints. This way I could customise them making them unique and have more meaning behind them.

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Primark Haul | May 2018

I’ve seen plenty of Primark Hauls on YouTube recently: HOW MUCH CAN YOU REALLY BUY FOR £50 FROM PRIMARK? 💸. There were some absolutely gorgeous items and I knew I had to get my hands on them. I’m going on holiday soon and wanted to welcome some new items to my wardrobe and so I did, this whole Primark Haul totals £38 which I think is an absolute bargain for 7 items!

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Universal Bloggers

We get so wound up in our own lives… our own stress and worries. We forget other people around the world feel these emotions too, likewise we have our own achievements and we forget other’s achievements. It puts into perspective how powerful we as a generation are and almost minimises our individual worries and problems knowing there are so many people out there also going about their daily life too, you’re less alone than you think even though you may be miles apart. It’s a crazy concept to me that there are so many people across the world and we all go about our daily life in different ways.

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Bank Holiday Car Boot Bargains

When we think car boot, we think second-hand junk and we’re not wrong.  But we still make a return in the hope to find a gem that could make us millions in a few year’s time. This sunny May Bank Holiday Monday me and my parents went a visit to our local Car Boot Sale, I went expecting to walk away with just sunburnt shoulders, but I actually walked away with a few crazy bargains… we all did!

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