Keeping Fit As A Student The Affordable Way | Fittever Collaboration

Being a student who is always poor, always busy, always wanting a fitter body, will know the true struggle of finding the time, energy and funds to get a gym membership. But look no further, the new IOS App FITTEVER has saved us.

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YouTuber Controversy | Alfie Deyes Living On £1 For The Day

Alfie Deyes has well and truly brought himself a lot of negative attention in the past week regards his latest video, ‘SPENDING £1 IN 24 HOURS!’. He spends a maximum of £1 for the whole day on food and drink which meant he had to wave goodbye to his protein bars and coffee machine. But his attempt to make a point failed when he showed his viewers he still went about his daily millionare life with a PT gym session, using his MacBook, driving his Range Rover and having a ‘casual’ shopping spree. Bad move Deyes, Bad move.

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Why University Isn’t Worth £9,250

Over 500 thousand students apply and get places at University each year throughout the UK. With the majority being college/ sixth form leavers at the mere age of 18. Making it highly unlikely they’ll have £9,250 to their name to pay for first-year university tuition fees. Thankfully student loans are in place meaning we don’t have to worry about finding the money for University, just yet anyway. Since we aren’t paying it off until we earn over £25,000, it rarely crosses our mind and seems like it’s acceptable and feasible since it is a standard rate across the UK. Ultimately, making University worth it… but is it?

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Planning Process For The Perfect City Break

When planning a holiday one of the biggest decisions to make is whether you want to go for a city or beach destination. There are some perfect locations for a mix of city and beach including the ever so famous Barcelona. Alternatively, popular cities such as Rome, London, Budapest, Amsterdam, New York and Paris are on the bucket lists of many and offer some studding sight-seeing. It’s easy enough to book a city break but it’s important to plan your time in the city to make the most of seeing everything and everywhere.

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New York City: Day 4

The weather was against us, but we’re British so what would a little bit of rain do…? Usually make us stay indoors, but how could we when we’re in New York City!! The rain just meant we spent plenty of money on American candy and window shopped at Macy’s. The weather did win at the end of the day with a failure of a boat trip☹️.

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New York City: Day 1

Last week my family and I headed on our travels to ‘The Big Apple’, being our first time in the USA it was a huge experience for us from the super-sized meals to getting a stamp in our passport! I spent a lot of time putting together an itinerary so we knew where we wanted to go and how to fit it all in, we were prepared to really experience being in the city that never sleeps. For those who are heading to New York soon or have it on their bucket list, hopefully these day by day itineraries will help you get a feel for how much you can do in a day in the big city. And for those who are just here for the pretty images, don’t you worry, there will be plenty!

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Tips For Starting Your Own Blog

People who assume blogging is “just writing on the Internet” could not be more wrong. There is a whole world behind ‘blogging’, it’s a much bigger concept than people understand. Blogging involves creativity, dedication and self-motivation.

It is easy enough choosing a host (i.e. WordPress or Wix) and creating a site, you can make it look pretty, you can link all your socials. As important as it is to have a pretty site that you’re proud of, it’s equally important that the content is up to the same standards. Here are some tips I wish I had known when I started out blogging.

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